The 'Diamantina'

Our opal specimen, the DIAMANTINA, was discovered on Mount Margaret Station, Eromanga, in Western Queensland, Australia.

This beautiful opal specimen (along with all of Broken River Mining opals) is mined in the pristine riverine desert area of Australia called the ‘Channel Country’. The Channel Country is a region of outback Australia that covers 150,000 km² and it is named after the numerous intertwined rivulets that cross the region.

As our mine is located in the Channel Country, I thought it was appropriate it to name our major showpiece opal specimens after the major watercourses in this region – namely the Diamantina, Barcoo and Georgina Rivers, as well as Cooper Creek. After all, it is the movement of water as it ran down through the earth that originally helped form our amazing Australian opals, millions of years ago.

The DIAMANTINA is one of our Australian boulder opal specimens currently on display at the “The Wonderful World of Opals,” (curated by Katherine Jetter) at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science in America.