Our Opal Mines

We are very proud to own and operate three boulder opal mining leases in western Queensland, Australia. All three of our opal mines are in very isolated and remote locations in the Australian outback. Due to our extreme isolation, resource limitations and active nature of all our opal mining leases, we do not receive unauthorised visitors, nor offer tours. All of our opal mines are on private property.

Yaraka Opal Mine

24º43’50.0”S 143º37’35.0”E

Our YARAKA opal mine in outback Queensland is named after the closest town to the mine, Yaraka (population ~ 20), which is approximately 16 kilometres or 10 miles away by dirt roads. We love working here in this breathtaking landscape, worn by time. This arid landscape is dominated by mulga trees interspersed with grasslands and eucalypt-acacia woodlands, craggy escarpments and deep gullies.

Mt. Margaret Opal Mine

26º36’19.6”S 142º49’11.4”E

Our Mt. Margaret opal mine in outback Queensland is located on Mount Margaret sheep and cattle station, which covers approximately 470, 500 hectares or 1.16 million acres. The country is a beautiful balance between ancient flood plains within the outback arid landscape of grassland and gibber plains, gidgee and sunset orange escarpments. The closest town to Mt. Margaret is Eromanga (population ~ 45).

The Russell's

26º44’15.0”S 142º51’31.0”E

The Russell’s opal mine is also located on Mount Margaret sheep and cattle station and is only about 60 kilometres (37 miles) from our Mt. Margaret opal mine. The Russell’s was named after Albert Russell, an indigenous dogger or dingo trapper who worked on Mt. Margaret station for many years. He is credited for the original discovery of opal in this area. Again the closest town to The Russell's is Eromanga.