At Broken River Mining (BRM) we are committed to a socially and environmentally and responsible company.

We use environmentally responsible procedures to mine and process all BRM opals, mining small sections of land at a time and rejuvenating the land when we are done. We mine all BRM opals in Queensland, Australia. If you would like to hear more about a day in the life of a female opal miner, please don't miss my Instagram and Facebook feeds @brokenrivermining.

Everyone employed in the small BRM team is an in-house expert, using traditional techniques to find, block, cut and polish all our opal gemstones and opal specimens. You can also discover our process, where we share with you what it takes to go from an initial boulder opal discovery, all the way through to a finished opal piece.

Here at Broken River Mining we love sharing our journey with you. We are proud that all our opals are natural and handled by us. As an ethical consumer, you have every right to know the stories behind your purchases. After all, our stories are what link us together.