Meet Sue

When I started my Instagram account in 2016 I had no idea of the adventure that lay ahead of me. In my isolation in the middle of Australia, mining for my beloved opals, I wanted a way to communicate with a larger community - to share my love for opals and the stunning Australian country in which they are born.  

One of the most amazing things that I get to do everyday - if I am lucky - is to be the first person on the planet to expose an opal and gaze upon its beauty. To find, extract and split a raw boulder opal is like no other experience.


Sue Cooper


Then I have to ask the question – do I keep them as raw specimens or cut them into opal stones? The raw specimens are rare and unique and keeping them in this form allows us to admire the formation of opal in all of its natural beauty and wonder. But on the other hand, I also adore opal gemstones! To me the experience of twisting and turning an opal in my fingers when cutting and polishing it is truly mesmerizing.

Our Australian opals burn in the psyche like no other gemstones. The brilliance of patterns, the play of colours - violets, reds, magentas, royal blues, greens, orange and yellows - each opal is forever unique. Opals reflect the sheer beauty and uniqueness of the country from which they are born.

My goal is to share that beauty of opal with you.

Sue Cooper